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    Embed existing Chart with Banding

    Thomas Chovanec

      We are using NPrinting 16 and I am trying to create a Pixel Perfect report that will go out as a PDF. I created the report using QlikView's reporting tool and now I am trying to replicate that using NPrinting. I have 3 charts that I need to embed into the report and I need to be able to use banding so I can loop over a field so I get a new report for each area I am looking for. This works great in QlikView's built-in report functionality, but I cannot get this to work in NPrinting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          Arnie Wolff

          I'm able to do this using the Cycle feature in a PixelPerfect report. I'm in food manufacturing so this example creates a report for each Item/Branch/Operation Sequence.


          In the Cycle, I set up the fields:



          Then in the report editor, I added detailed bands for each:

          Cycle in Editor.JPG


          I'm then able to have the Task create several different pdf's at the same time with the Item/Branch/Operation Sequence in the name of the file:

          Cycle in Folder.JPG