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    Chart straight table only displaying some of the values



      I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue I'm having with a Qlikview document when I publish it to the server and view it via AJAX.


      I have a chart straight table that contains in the current selection 82 rows, 1 dimension and 14 expressions. The dimension is a field and most of the expressions are also fields or relatively simple expressions (no If statements, long strings, etc).


      The problem I am having is that part of table is drawn when using the AJAX client and the remainder just has blank cells, if I export to excel from there all of the values are however displayed correctly.


      I've removed some of the background colour formatting and linear gauge charts in the cells which I had originally and this has improved the situation but short of making it a plain table with no formatting it still seems to have data which isn't being displayed. I've been looking at the memory settings on the server and not managed to fix the issue as yet.


      The Qlik document itself is only 300KB and has after quite a reasonable amount of transformation in the script 3 tables with the following rows x Columns:


      1993 x 2

      426 x 20

      2130 x 6


      The document is pretty simple and tiny and the server is a reasonable spec and isn't too heavily loaded so I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this is occurring.




      Qlikview 9.0.7502.8

      64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2

      6GB RAM

      2 Cores allocated from 2 six core Opteron 2431 2.4 Ghz

      The server is a VM on ESX4


      The document is almost instantaneous on my desktop machine and has not issues at all.


      Perhaps someone might be able to give me some assistance and tell me where to look in terms of logs/settings. Thank you for your help.