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    Section access to implemented on Position

    Reena Abraham

      Hi all,


      I have my data based on hierarchy.

      I will receive the sales data for Sales Rep(SR) in one file which contain all the information about hospitals,products etc.


      I have one hierarchy master file which contains all the details about the sales force.


      Now i have to implement the section access in such a way that the General manager logs into the system he should see all the data below him.(In this case all data)

      and for Zonal Manager logs in he can see the details of all the people under him ,so for SR's they will be able to see only his data.


      Can anyone help me wit this?




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          Peter Cammaert

          Simplest solution is to use Section Access with a two level mapping between NTNAME or USERID fields and Actual data. In Section Application create a table that converts Access IDs to the lowest level (Sales Executives). Everybody with access to the document (having an entry in section access) will be mapped to his own data and to the data of all subordinates. The structure will look like:


          Section Access   |  Section Application

          SA Table         |   LinkTable           Data

          NTNAME, Account -> Account, SalesExec -> SalesExec,RestOfTheData


          The table can be created as follows (using the three level General Manager->Zonal manager->Sales Executive as an example. Add levels if needed):

          • Create LinkTable and fill it with Account = SalesExec for everyone (everyone should have access to his/her own rows)
          • Add records to LinkTable with Account = Zonal Manager and SalesExec = subordinate for every Zonal Manager and all of his/her subordinates
          • Add a record to LinkTable with Account = General Manager and SalesExec = SalesExec for all Sales Executives, including Zonal Managers





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            Marcus Sommer

            In addition to the answer from Peter take a look here: Authorization using a Hierarchy and here for the basics of Section Access.


            - Marcus