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    Applying selections to a single field with multiple responses

    Jonathan Stokes



      I'm trying to visualize data where one dimension in the data file is split across three separate fields. To give some context, I work in international development and any given project can be paid for by a combination of different Funders.

      This means I have the following fields in my data file:

      [Funder 1]

      [Funder 2] (sometimes blank)

      [Funder 3] (often blank)


      Depending on how the data has been entered, a specific "Funder X" could appear in any of the three Funder fields above.


      As an end result, in the visualization I'd like a master list of each distinct Funder, which I can use to make selections across all three Funder fields. So selecting "Funder X" will choose records where "Funder X" appears in any of the three Funder fields. Is this possible?


      The closest I have been able to come so far is merging the fields together in the load script as below.

        "Funder 1" & ' ' &  "Funder 2"  & ' ' & "Funder 3"  as Funder ,


      Although this works though search, the Funder list is messy and not that easy to work with.


      Any help would be much appreciated!