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    Cloud Plus


      In Cloud Plus the export funtion has been removed (excel/pdf). Exporting data is crucial to most of my clients.


      Does anybody know why the feature has been removed and how do I tell the right Qlik person that a lot af people miss it. And is there any chance that the export function could be restored when the next Cloud Plus version will be launched ?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Kenneth,


          I am logged in with my Qlik Cloud Plus account and I have this capability - I am using Firefox browser. Can you provide a bit more detail, (screen shots, app objects you are using, steps, etc) on the issue you are experiencing?



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          Mike Tarallo


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              KENNETH ANDERSEN

              Hi Michael,


              Thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate it


              I'm using Google Chrome and right clicking won't giving me all the option you have (take a look at the scren shot).


              First I launched the app in the Qlik Sense Cloud version without any problem. My client could use the export function. But when I upgraded to the Cloud PLUS version the function vanished in the haze.


              Solving this problem would bring me some very happy clients :-)





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                  Sarah Kohler

                  Hi Kenneth, perhaps the app you are trying to export data from is a shared app?  This is currently not allowed in any of the Cloud subscriptions (free or Plus).  The feature Michael shows is available only within a user's personal workspace.  It is not available through apps others have shared to you or in your shared space (published apps).  Our thinking behind this is related to a higher level of security, so users do not extract data from the apps that have been shared to them.  Shared apps are also not downloadable.

                  Sarah Kohler

                  Product Manager, Qlik Cloud

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                      CPM_Aspecto CPM_Aspecto

                      Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply.


                      Yes, the app is shared. And I guess that's the reason.


                      But I still like to get answer to my question:


                      And is there any chance that the export function could be restored when the next Cloud Plus version will be launched ?


                      We've heard from an qlik account manager last week that this feature should be in the next version. Hopefully this is true.


                      BR, Kenneth