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    EDX implementation

    Mallikarjun Holikatti



      We are trying to implement EDX so that as soon as SAP BW process chain finishes Qlikview task triggers.


      Using this link as a guideline to implement EDX: https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-5364#comment-46716


      While using this solution, I am getting "Access Denied" error in Qlik system rfcexec.exe listener.  Already verified that command entered in ZSRFCEXEC exactly matches the command in srfcexec.sec file.


      Please help regarding this.




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          Volker Wietzorek

          Hi Prasad,


          i had the same problem and solved it. Problem was the username before the command. ALEREMOTE is only for background. When you want to test it, the testing sap user should also be allowed to execute the command. So dublicate the line of the sec-file and replade ALEREMOTE with the testing SAP user.


          Best Regards,