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    Problem with dates: Solve in set analysis or the load

    Paul Mingels

      Hi All,


      In the next example I'd like to solve a problem with dates from 2 tables. (And it's giving me headaches since a week)


      In table "Actuals" we have customers(Site_id) with actuals for different dates.

      In table Interactions we have interactions (if there are any) of these customers.

      Now I'd like to see the interactions on the dates which are relevant for the date of the actual.


      Example 1:


      The yellow marked are the ones I'd like to see combined.

      So, for instance for Actual date 6-5-2016 it only makes sense that the interaction date 9-5-2016 is corresponding.

      Because the interaction on the 11-5-2016 is for another actual.



      Example 2:


      Here it makes no sense that there is an Interaction_Date of 3-5-2016 linked to the actual date of 17-5-2016 (because that's not possible of course)



      Attached the test data in Excel and the test App.


      Hopefully somebody has an idea to either fix this in the load or with set analysis.


      Thanks in advance...