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    multiple parameters for reload script

      If I'm reading these instructions correctly:

      A separate document will be created for each value. To use a sequence of data enter the start and stop values separated with a "-".
      Separate single values or sequences with a ";".
      If you select a field from the document all valued in the field will be used.

      I should be able to pass mutliple parameters to a reload task like so:



      I'm seeing the strangest behaviour. The parameters value box always appends a ";" to the end of the entries when I click apply. The parameter name box does not do this.

      That is not the real issue though. I need to pass 3 parameters and anything past the second parameter comes into the document as null.

      I've tried adding ";" to the parameters line so it matches the values line but no joy. the document still sees it as null.

      We are on 9 SR 6