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    Can Section Access be used with partial reload?

    Leslie Blumenfeld

      I have a dashboard that is updated once per day (because that's the frequency of the data changes.) It uses data reduction based upon user authorizations. User authorizations may change during the day and we now have a requirement to have those changes applied to the dashboard. This may be as frequently as every 5 - 10 minutes.


      For performance reasons, I don't want to refresh the entire dashboard that frequently. I tried using a partial reload to update only the section access and data reduction, but it's not working.


      Here is the problem...


      Prior to the SECTION ACCESS section, I am building a table with my authorized users. I've changed it to



      Replace LOAD






           the table source


      Then in the SECTION ACCESS, I have


      Replace LOAD




      Resident MyTable



      When a full reload is done, everything works perfectly. When a Partial Reload is done, I get an error on the second load statement that

      "USERID could not be found in MyTable".


      Question: What is causing this?


      Things I've tried....

      1. I put an exit after the first load statement and verified that USERID is definitely in MyTable.

      2. I changed the second load to note be a Replace. I still go an error.


      Question: Is it possible to rerun only the data reduction and section access? How can I do this?