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    Need to know how to create a variable from accross multiple files

    Mark Graham

      I am reading in multiple files with the same file layout, except for a created variable in each load statement.


      I want to be able to add (sum) each of the created variables, which provides me with a combination variable (combo).


      For example, the variables are var1, var2, var3, etc.  Var1=1, Var2=10 and Var3=100.  I want a variable that is a combination of 111.  Combo = 111 or Combo = 101.... you get the idea.


      Help.  So the question is:

      Do I calculate a new variable?

      Do I develop and expression?

      Do I use the “aggr” function?


      I am new at this so I might need detailed instructions. I have attached a brief PowerPoint description of the desired outcome.


      Thanks in advance.