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    Cannot start Qlikview Web Server Service

      As above, when I try and start the server(QV10 SR1) it says it started but then stopped again.


      it is something to do with my config.xml, as when I look in the log files after the service fails to start it states


      0/01/2011 16:29:36.0607585 Information Configured directories

      10/01/2011 16:29:36.0607585 Information Load Settings from: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml

      10/01/2011 16:29:36.0920187 Warning config error - invalid default qvs: localhost


      should I know what the default qvs should be?..i have tried typing in the server name but no joy


      please help as i cannot run the access point because of this issue