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    Issues importing a large table into Nprinting Report

      I've been requested to create a monthly Nprinting report.  There is a QVW with the info within it, its larger and more complicated than others I've made or used previously.


      The report format will be an excel doc with a pivot (thanks to a useful guide I found on the forums). I created a trial Nprinting report based on a simple QVW and it all worked fine importing a straight table into Nprinting.

      However when on the larger QVW on the Report Template Editor as I add a Level and select the Table it doesn't load up.  Even after leaving it over lunch and returning (felt an hour would be reasonable) I still had no result.


      The objects from the QVW are refreshed, I've added in filters for the region and time frame the report is after however I still haven't managed to load it in.


      This is run on a remote server I've got access to but I have no idea/control of the computing power and its not practical for me to edit the QVW source unless there are zero other options and even then only maybe.


      Are there any other solutions or work-arounds? ideas welcome, thanks in advance