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    How to combine 2 load script into 1 for compute total asset ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I have below 2 load script working fine :-


      If([Reporting Code]>=50010 and [Reporting Code]<=50090,'cURR_ASSET') as [cURR_ASSET],

      If([Reporting Code]>=20005 and [Reporting Code]<=20063,'fIXED_ASSET') as [fIXED_ASSET],


      I try to combine the above 2 into 1 load script , i try below :-


      If([Reporting Code]>=50010 and [Reporting Code]<=50090,'cURR_ASSET',

      If([Reporting Code]>=20005 and [Reporting Code]<=20063,'fIXED_ASSET',

      ))as [tOTAL_ASSET]


      it return wrong value. Can some one advise me ?


      it should be look some thing like below :-


      If([Reporting Code]>=50010 and [Reporting Code]<=50090) & ([Reporting Code]>=20005 and [Reporting Code]<=20063,'tOTAL_ASSET') as [tOTAL_ASSET],