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    IE Plugin Ignores the First click on a button

      I am working on QlikView 9 SR3 server & IE Plugin.

      Using IE plugin, If I make the FIRST CLICK of the qlikview application on a button, It does not execute that button. Then if I click the button again , it works as expected.

      For me it happens only once for every application opened in the access point. It is like just ignoring the first click made on the application.

      Is there any way to solve this issue?


        • IE Plugin Ignores the First click on a button
          Karl Pover

          I remember a client with this problem during the early releases of version 9. I don't remember seeing the problem again and can't replicate the problem on a version 10 SR1 server, so I would try updating the to a newer Service Release. To be sure you might want to review the release notes of each SR to see if the bug is mentioned as fixed.