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    QV version 9, new install not accepting a sql db repository


      I've just installed QV9 SR 6 with no issue. By default it uses an XML repository. I typed in the Server and Ent. Publisher license keys and everyting lit up. I saw 6 green light status on the main screen of the Management Console. Then I flipped over to the QEMC and changed the repository from XML to a sql server db. Again, no issue. The new db was created and I restarted services just to be safe.

      Now I only see one green light (the Command Center) in QMC and anytime I type in anything in the Publisher Settings tab, my settings don't stick. I have a feeling the settings are not writing to the database for some reason. I even made the sql account system administrator for the time being to eliminate any possiblity with it being a permission thing.

      I'm not doing an upgrade from 8.x just a plain vanilla v9 installation using a sql db repository by following the reference manual.

      Any help is apprecaited, thanks in advance.