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    Error connection DSN ODBC connection in Qlik sense.


      Good morning,


      Our need is to create an ODBC Data Source that points to an Oracle DB (Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition: Release - 64bit).


      The DSN thus created must then be used in a new connection in Sense.


      We  installed on Sense Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit) Instantclient_ODBC (and Instantclient_basic prerequisite for ODBC) 64-bit version (the latest is the but on Server returned error code 14001 and on the internet we found that the resolution to the problem was to install the older version).


      We have created an ODBC Data Source on Oracle DB using the installed drivers. The connectivity test was positive


      Using the ODBC souce thus created, in Sense the new connection has returned the following error


      "The user does not have access to the data source"


      We repeated the same situation locally on a client PC (Windows 7 Enterpise 64-bit) and Sense Desktop connection was created successfully (so the problem is definitely not in the compatibility of the version of the driver installed with the release of the DB) .


        The problem is not related to communication problems between Server and DB because with sqldeveloper, installed on the server, we can reach  without problems the DB and see / query all the tables of interest scheme.



      How we can correct the problem?



      Thank you!



      Anna Maria