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    applypatches method not working

    Irene Bagnoli

      Hi Community,

      I'm using Engine API Explorer. I'd like to set qStateName of a pane filter object, equal to "S1", already defined for Doc.

      I'm using ApplyPatches method to set this value but always return the following error:


      "error": {

        "code": 8,

        "parameter": "Patch value not on valid JSON format.",

        "message": "Invalid parameters"


      I've already seen  Qlik Sense 2.1 Engine API; AddAlternateState me... | Qlik Community and I've already tried using \" and '. I attach the request script:



        "handle": 2,

        "method": "ApplyPatches",

        "params": {

        "qPatches": [


        "qOp": "add",

        "qPath": "/qListObjectDef/qStateName",

        "qValue": "S1"



        "qSoftPatch": false




      Any suggestion?

      Thanks so much in advance.


        • Re: applypatches method not working
          Irene Bagnoli

          Looking back, I notice Doc's state is always invalid and every change I try to make to the Doc, such as creating a sheet, result null: "No available sheets" is the message I receive when I open the app (sheets previously created temporarily disappear!).

          Why that? I find Invalid state either in Desktop and Server...