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    Export data from Visualization API straight table?

    Michael Beakley

      So far, I am able to dynamically build a straight table using the Visualization API.

      Also, I can export a pre-existing table to a spreadsheet using the Table API.


      The next step for our project is export the data from that dynamic table we just built.

      This is where I hit a brick wall...


      When pulling back a (pre-existing) visualization from our app, the visualization comes back with a qHyperCube object.

      When I get back the visualization I just built -- using the Visualization API -- it does NOT come with the qHyperCube objet.


      So qlik.table(visual).exportData(ops,callback) returns something like "Method exportData does not exist" for the new table.

      That same code works as expected on the pre-existing objects I pull back from my app.


      Has anyone had any success with exporting data from a dynamically created straight table?


      Is it even possible?