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    Login failed - DMS

      Hi everyone,

      We are experiencing a minor issue when users login to Qlikview via a browser (IE8). When a user attempts to login they always receive a 'Login Failed' error for a second or so, then the login completes successfully. It's more an annoyance than anything but users are complaining so I thought I best investigate.

      We are using a DMS setup if that makes any difference?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


        • Login failed - DMS

          Hi Barhopper,

          I think you are working in a clustering environment. Do check the clustering environment and ask the users to clear the cache in the internet explorer ---tools option ..



          • Login failed - DMS

            I have two machines, same IE, same settings .. clear history, cache etc, one goes immediately to "login failed" with no login dialog, the other works just fine. Only difference I see using fiddler2 is some cookie information in the handshaking

            Failure machine

                 Cookie: Login=True; PreferedClient=Plugin; qlikmachineid=195d6d90-5e4c-4bf9-9d9f-98f694e386f8

            Successful machine

                 Cookie: Login=True;