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    NPrinting YTD display issue

      Hi everyone,


      I have a YTD report in QVW. Now is Jun, the QVW will show Jan till May. The rest will be blank.

      I created the same report in NPrinting using straight table, it was able to show correctly Jan till April on last month.

      But this month, the NPrinting is showing YTD Jan till Jun, and repeatedly display Jun's value from Jul till Dec.


      I didn't make any changes on QVW and NPrinting for past one month. I wondering what is wrong? Anyone has any idea?


      The following screenshots illustrate the problem.


      The following is my QVW and is showing correctly YTD.



      In my NPrinting last month, it was showing the YTD correctly in straight table. Just like the screenshot below.



      However now it is showing Jan till Jun, but repeatedly showing Jun's value on Jul till Dec.