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    QlikSense Desktop (Credentials are missing)

    thierry tropee



      After installing the Qliksense Desktop on Windows 7 Enterprise, I get the following message:


      What I have identified so far:

      . We don't use proxy on Localhost connection

      . QlikSense will work fine on the same computer if I run the program as an administrator


      I would appreciate any hints about what to look next in order to get his working. The ambition here is to deploy the QlikSense Desktop on a dozen of target Qlikview users to ask for their feedback and agreement to move to QlikSense before starting an evaluation on a QlikSense server based environement.


      Many thanks in advance for any help / suggestions,



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          thierry tropee



          Like always, after posting the question, I found the answer myself   :-)


          The workaround is:

          1. Start the QlikSense Desktop and get the "Credentials are missing" error

          2. Don't close the QlikSense Desktop application

          3. Open Internet Explorer

          4. Enter the following URL:   http://localhost:4848/hub

          5. Enjoy Qliksense (which is the easy part)


          This works with the following configuration:

          . Windows 7

          . No proxy for localhost address

          . QlikSense Desktop 2.2.4

          . Internet Explorer


          Hope this can save anyone else some time...