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    Developing a Real Time Dashboard - Any advice?


      Just about to start down the road working with a requirement for a 'almost realtime' call centre application - delivered using Qlikview server to a number of concurrent users.

      Ive read through various threads about realtime updates, and also looked at the example app that is fed from excel. But could do with some further advice. Chances are the app will be fed through web services, either that or a sql database. And we could be talking thousands of updated every few minutes. I dont want users to have to exit and re-enter the app to get the updates I would like the app it self to refresh in from of them every few minutes.

      Has anybody any advice about :

      A. Whether this is feasible

      B. Where to start

      C. Any pitfalls to try and avoid

      D. Any benefits of QV10 here (currently runing QVS 9)

      E. Licence requirements (Currently on SBS, but upgrading to enterprise imminently)

      As ever, I appreciate the help of the community. Many thanks, in advance, for your advice.