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    Setting free document cals

    Francis vd Grijn

      We have a problem with document users. For a document i have allocated 10 CALS. We have more users in our organiastion who want to work with te document.

      The problem is that CALS in the past not automaticaly are deleted. So an 11 person can never go in qlikview in that document. The only way i know is to delete the cal in the managementconsole after 24 hours !!

      Is there another way tot do this ?



        • Setting free document cals
          Anna Katarina Persson

          From the reference manual:


          19.2 Types of CALs

          There are four different types of CALs available:

          • Named CAL (an identified user on a server) - Access is based on user identity

          and valid for all documents on the server, that is any number of concurrent

          sessions from one user on one machine at a time is allowed.

          • Document CAL (an identified user within a given document) - Just as

          above, the access is based on user identity, but the CAL is valid only for one

          document. If the same user connects to two documents using this licensing

          method, he will hence consume two Document CALs.

          • Session CAL - Each Session CAL allows one user on one computer to

          access QlikView documents, that is any number of concurrent sessions from

          one user on one machine at a time is allowed. Anonymous users are allowed,

          no identification of the client user is necessary.

          • Usage CAL - Each Usage CAL gives the right to initiate one session (single

          document) per running 28-day period. The session may last a maximum of

          one hour. Any activity after the first hour has expired will count as a new

          session (albeit without visible interruption). No identification of the client

          user is necessary.




          CALs are used for purposes of licensing only and they have nothing to do

          with user authentication for data access purposes.

          This means that the Document CAL:s do not get deleted automatically. If you need more users to access the document but you do not have CAL:s enough then I would ask you to buy some more CAL:s.


          Kind Regards



          • Setting free document cals
            Bill Britt

            A document Cal and a Name Cal are assigned to a users ID. They are not release when the user logs out of a document. Sessions Cals are released back to the pool after the user logs out.

            • Setting free document cals

              Hi Francis,

              For releasing DOC Cal it needs only seconds and asign a new one.

              Named CAL takes 24 hours to remove a Pre-assigned CAL and new can be created instantaneously if Named CAl are Available.


              In your Problem if you have more user you can give access to multiple user by checking

              "Allow Dynamic CAL Assigment" under the management console. It will allow new user to work on . and at a time only 10 user can work.