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    How to create a test data application based on Excel spreadsheet information like this?

    Michael Wallman

      Hi all,


      Attached is an Excel spreadsheet specifying requirements of a test data application to be generated.



      • The Fieldscolumn specifies the fields to be generated in a table.
      • The NoOfRowscolumn specifies the number of rows to be generated.
      • The values to be assigned for the fields from the Fields column are specified in the appropriate sheets, the correct sheet to use is specified in the Locationcolumn above.


      The idea is to allow the end user to modify the values in an excel spreadsheet like above, and next time the QlikView application reloads, it generates a table with the appropriate values.


      Does anyone know how this type of app can be generated based on the data above please?


      I am a bit stuck on ideas after trying a few things but cannot get it to work.