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    Qlikview to nPrinting decimal points

    David Whelton

      I have an app. Works all fine apart from when it is brought into nPrinting


      Was wondering if anyone has seen the format screw up before?

      The above format is correct. The below is how it looks in nPrinting

      The expression to come up with this is:

      round(sum({<Service = {'ADS'}, Year = {$(=Max(Year))}, Month>} TV_Open_Days))/
      count({< Service = {'ADS'}, Year = {$(=Max(Year))}, Month>} TV_Number))


      and this is then formatted in Number to 2 decimal places.


      The output is in Powerpoint. I can get the corrected figure if I use Keep Source Formatting but then all my outputs are plain text and not formatted the way I want.


      Anyone understand why nPrinting brings out multiple decimal points?


      **Note: I am using Powerpoint to do this