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    Set Analysis

    Jaya Budihal

      Hello All, i need to write a set analysis expression. for when sign_flag = 1 and (orderdate - shipmentdate) > 0 then show (orderdate - shipmentdate) i tried writing something like =if((orderdate - shipmentdate))> 0 and count({}(orderdate - shipmentdate)) but it doesnt work, please i need your help urgently. Thanks & Regards, Jaya

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          kushal chawda

          =count({<sign_flag ={1},OrderDate={"=OrderDate-shipmentdate>0"}>}OrderID)

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            Sunny Talwar

            May be like this:


            If(orderdate - shipmentdate > 0, Sum({<sign_flag = {1}>} orderdate - shipmentdate)




            If(Only({<sign_flag = {1}>} orderdate - shipmentdate) > 0, Sum({<sign_flag = {1}>} orderdate - shipmentdate)

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              Jaya Budihal

              thanks Sunny and kushal.

              Some how the expression you gave didnt work in my application.


              i tried this sum({<sign_flag = {'1'}>} aggr(((order_startdate - productdate)),order_id))  in the pivot table but

              still i dont get the desired data..


              so i want the days differnce of the productdate is before the order date and want those days.

              for example if the productdate is 01.05.2016 and the order_startdate is 06.05.2016..

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                Jaya Budihal

                please ignore my previous message.

                the below expression works

                sum({<sign_flag = {'1'}>} Aggr(((order_startdate - product_startdate)),apt_id))

                now i need to add the condition (product_startdate < order_startdate) in the above expression.

                how do i add this to the expression.

                please help me with this


                Thanks & Regards,