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    AJAX timeout on large documents

    Lucas Blancher

      Hi Everyone,

      I am working with a large Qlikview document. We have a few charts that take between 2 and 5 minutes to generate base on the selections. The charts work fine in the the IE plugin, but I am having some issues with the AJAX client. It seams like if the chart takes over 2 minutes to generate IIS returns a 500 error. I have done some testing, and the error is consistently returned when the AJAX request takes longer then 2 minutes. Both Firefox and IE AJAX exhibit the same behavior. I have changed the IIS timeout setting to 300 seconds, the Object calculation time limit is set to 600 second and QvsTimout for QVWS in config.xml is set to 300.


      I'm not sure what else I can change to allow for the long calculation times of the charts.



      Windows Serrver 2008R2 x64

      IIS 7

      Qlikview 9 SR 6


      Lucas Blancher

      BizXcel Inc.

        • AJAX timeout on large documents
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          Are you sure you modified the proper IIS timeout? There are several timeouts, but the one I think you need is the Connection Timeout. In IIS7, select Default Website (or the site you installed QV into), then Advanced Settings in the right pane. Expand Connection Limits and change the Connection Timeout from the default (120) to whatever value you need.


            • AJAX timeout on large documents
              Lucas Blancher

              Hi Vlad,

              I did some more digging and it turns out that IIS has a timeout for ASP scripts as well. This setting is found in the web sites ASP settings, under Script Time-out. The default is 1m30s. I changed this to 5m and the 500 error went away.


              Thank you for the reply.




                • Re: AJAX timeout on large documents



                  one of my charts has a big calculation, which works fine for most product categories exempt a few that return a lot of rows. After exactly 60 seconds, the module (ajax) crashes displaying the 'Lost connection to server' dialog box.


                  I have not been able to find any 60 seconds timeout, in QVS console or IIS 7, including the settings mentioned in the thread.

                  mem and cpu are fine and are not maxed out


                  any clue where else I should check? thanks