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    Year on Year Growth

    shweta gupta

      Hi All,


      Read many of the content on community but haven't got the solution,

      I am calculating growth of this year to last year (2014 and 2015),


      Current Year Sales= sum({< REPORT_YEAR = {"$(=Max(Year([DATE])))"}>} MRP_VALUE)

      Previous Year Sales = sum({< REPORT_YEAR = {"$(=Max(Year([DATE]))-1)"}>} MRP_VALUE)


      Problem is : In result Current year sales =  Current +Previous year sales.

      It is not giving me sum of the current year only !!!


      i.e Whenever I make selection over year for eg: 2015 or 2014 it provide the correct result.


      My all the dates lies in the single column


      Can Anyone please suggest what is the problem and how can it be rectified.