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    Services running with SYSTEM account

      Hello all,


      We have QlikView Server 11.20.13206 SR13 installed with the services running with the machine SYSTEM account.


      Apparently everything works fine in the first test right after installation. However, when we restart the laptop and try to access the server again, it does not work.


      The services are running after restart but when we go to the Management Console --> System --> QlikView Server option, we get an error message connecting to the server.


      We know that the services run fine with a newly created user configured as Administrator. However, we wanted to understand why the SYSTEM account does not work.


      Did anybody get this error before? Is it possible to avoid creating this new user?


      Thank you!


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          andy whitfield

          HI Patricia,


          1. System Account


          The system account and the administrator account (Administrators group) have the same file privileges, but they have different functions. The system account is used by the operating system and by services that run under Windows. There are many services and processes within Windows that need the capability to log on internally (for example during a Windows installation). The system account was designed for that purpose; it is an internal account, does not show up in User Manager, cannot be added to any groups, and cannot have user rights assigned to it. On the other hand, the system account does show up on an NTFS volume in File Manager in the Permissions portion of the Security menu. By default, the system account is granted full control to all files on an NTFS volume. Here the system account has the same functional privileges as the administrator account.


          The account running the QV services needs to be a member of the Qlikview Administrators group to allow the various components to talk to each other, you can't do this with the SYSTEM account