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    Needed simple answer about fully functional Qlik Sense versions (licenses etc.)

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hello! I want confirm my understanding of Qlik Sense license politic.


      I've watched this video, but a lot of question remains.


      Qlik Sense Platform – Token Licensing Assigning Access Passes - YouTube


      1) 1 license = 100 tokens. It means, if i'm buing 1 license for ~1500$, i can simultaneously connect up to 100 users to my server?

      2) If 1) is correct, can I assign different access rules to this users? (to apps, group of apps)

      3) What means 1 token=10 login passes? It uses for limited acces for anoni,us users?

      4) What is 'shiping complect' for one license? Distributive for installation on my server? Or it's special access to Sense Cloud? Or both?