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    Accumulating works with one line, but figures seem to double when I chose another value

    Ali Ahmad


      I am building a line chart where I am trying to compare the amount / # of payments at x amounts of days from the first payment date on a campaign.


      The pivot table looks like this (which is correct) (there is two different stores here, blurred the names but pretend it is Store #1 on left and Store #2 on right in the pivot table):




      And when I chose Store #1 it accumulates correctly on the line:




      The issue is when I add  Store #2 where I also want the line to accumulate the number's don't add up. It is almost as if they double or add up and because of the measure.



      The Dimensions are:


      1: DATE([Payment Date]) - DATE([First Payment Date) - Gives me amount of days since first payment day which I want the X axis to be.

      2: Stores - Gives me different lines




      RangeSum(Above(Total Sum([Sales] * 1),0,99)) - Used to give me accumulating lines.


      What I am suspecting is when I chose two stores the Total part makes it double or add them both and then do some sort of calculation from that when accumulating.