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    Accumulation in time series

      Hello everyone,


      seeking for help/advice for accumulation in time series.


      The topic was discussed here (excellent advice how to do this in Qliksense) Accumulation in Qlik Sense


      I have slightly different use case and have made a solution, though I want to ask if there is a better way to do this.


      I have table of orders and their statutes:




      very small sample table (Excel)



      Status can be Completed or Cancelled (i.e. closed order) as well WIP (i.e. being processed).


      I want to understand how many orders in this month were closed (completed or cancelled) + all WIP (being processed).


      Formula is:

      Order monthly log = Closed + WIP (accumulated in this month and all from previous months)


      For closed items I think correct set expression is:


      Count( {$<Status-={'WIP'}>} [OrderID] )


      For WIP items it's trickier (because of accumulation). I think this is correct one:


      rangesum(above( count( {$<Status={'WIP'}>} [OrderID]),0,rowno()))


      Everything works (i checked with Excel manual calculations).

      Though it seems very complicated way, maybe I got lost somewhere and there is more straight way?