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    Why is my simple table data showing multple rows (orthogonal join)?

    Simon Hogg

      Update: My fault completely - I had a LOOSEN() statement in the load script - I thought this acted at the table-level (disconnected each table) but having re-read the documentation it acts at the FIELD level (removes the associations between each field).


      I removed the LOOSEN() and re-wrote the script using NoConcatenate() and it seems to be working.  Thanks, all.


      I have a large-ish table of clients (2.3 million records) which are coming from Oracle.


      In the Data Model Viewer the data seems correct. One table, with 2.3 million rows, with one row per client.


      However, if I put that data into a table in Qlik Sense, I get what looks like an orthogonal join on my data, so I get repeated rows (and then the app runs out of resources.


      See here for an example; New York is mapped to every country in the world.




      However, if I add a measure (any measure, in this case it's just an integer, the number '1') the repeated rows disappear.




      So, two questions;


      1.  Why is it happening (is it a scripting issue)? and

      2.  How can I stop it happening?