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    How to combine values from the same column into one condition

      Hello all,

      I've been working in QlikView for a while now. I have a question about a certain column I've been working with. I have a table called 'Jobs' that counts all the jobs my company's won for our client. One of the columns is Status. Status has three possible values: Lost, Won, and Inactive.


      I've been asked to create a bar chart that measures Won jobs vs the other two possible values (Lost and Inactive) by Salesperson. Can anyone help me with an expression I can use for this? I need to somehow combine Lost and Inactive Jobs into one bar.


      The expression would be something like


      NumericCount(Status, if(Status === 'Lost' OR Status === 'Inactive), 'Other Jobs', 'Won Jobs')


      but it doesn't seem to be working.