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    Problem with strange numbers in axis of stacked bar chart

      Hello again


      I have run into a strange problerm with Qlikview. I have created some bar charts that are stacked. Basically, the chart tells you how well you're doing vs. a certain set target by showing a bar. If the bar is below the target marker, it means it is positive, otherwise you are operating below the target performance that you aspire to.


      I don't want there to be any axis in this chart and certainly I also don't want there to be any labels such as "Actual" or "Target" nor any values. At the moment, two of these bar charts display some strange values that I can't even figure out what they mean. The right hand chart is showing for instance 2 values, 84807 and 15193. What do they mean and more importantly, how do I disable them from showing up in the chart?


      I am very grateful for any pointers that may be able to provide me with,


      Kind regards