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    Rolling calculation in pivot table

    Evgeny Emelkhovsky

      Hello fellows.

      Firstly sorry if something has already been asked and answered - I couldn't find.. Shall be glad if someone gives a link.

      What my problem is:

      I have -

      1. a number of materials

      2. consumption figures for them in future

      3. delivery figures for them in future

      4. current stock for these materials


      What I need: In pivot table to have a line where I could see calculated future stock. - there I'll see when it goes below zero.

      In excel it's done easily:

      1. For first week = current stock - consumption + delivery

      2. For every next week = previous week calculated stock - consumption + delivery (relative formulas)


      Hope in Qlikview that can be done also.

      To demonstrate what I need I attach a screenshot with a simple example created in excel. Hope it'll help.


      Thanks in advance,