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    what is the limitations of filter applied in nprinting?

      hi experts,

                    I am using nprinting 16.Here I am using filter as Salesman.This filter applied from qlikview entity which is applying filter in

      ([connectionName].[field] = {value1<isnumeric,evaluate>,value2<isnumeric,evaluate>,...}<drop,unlock,lock,verify,excluded>)

      format .

      I am applying this filters through recipient import filters.

      The problem is recently I am applying salesman filter having values as more than 100 which is in above format only.but while importing filter through recipient import it is showing error.


      anyone help me to solve this issue.

      thanks in advance.


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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Gowthamraj,


          What is the error? Anyway, you have 5 filter fields so why don't you split up your single long filter into smaller ones?


          HTH - Daniel.

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              hi Daniel ,

                            Thank you for your reply.

              please find attachement for error message.


              I am using filter like this

              Salesman={Aashish Mandhar.,Abhinav Sinha,Adrien Struyve,Agnes William [Sfl],Akanksha Gupta,Akbar Khan,Akos Balkanyi [Sfl],Albert Ivan Lopez  [Sfl],Amirarshad Ali Choudhry,Amit Dasgupta,Anil Kumar,Anil Nehra,Anthony Travasso,Anurag Verma,Arun M,Ashok Amarnani,Ashok Kumar Choudhary,Asif Rauf,Asit Bhatnagar,Atif Ali,Azfar Shirazi,Balaji K,Barun Yadav,...........U.A.E Management Account,Ubaidullah Gill,Vanitha K [Sfl],Venkatramana R,Vibha Singh,Vicky Qiu,Vijayalakshmi.S,Viji John,Vinod Alex,Vinoth Kumar.C,Vipin Pushpangathan,Vipin Pushpangathan,Visa,Vls Nominations(Dxb),Wajahat Raza Aabidi,Walter Fernandes,Winston Fernandez.,Yash Kulkarni,Yatendra Singh Rawat,Zeeshan Ahmed}<verify>

              note: due to simplification I am mentioning some names with "......." notation.


              I can't split one filter values in multiple filter ,because this values are not entered manually.

              the values taken by using expression as follows:

              ='Salesman='&'{'&aggr(Concat(Salesman,','),NAME )& '}'&'<verify>'


              The "Salesman" in aggr() function taking the above values from a qlikview file which is having managers and salesman tree details.


              i hope this details will help you to understand the issue.