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    Adding media to media library

    Yurii Ratushnyi

      Hi all,


      I tried to change sheet thumbnail using this guide Uploading image files to media library ‒ Qlik Sense, however there is no 'Upload media' button in this window like on screenshot here Media library ‒ Qlik Sense . What can be an issue?


      Desktop Viewer 2016-06-08 12.06.35.png



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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Yuri,


          If you are using Qlik Sense Server version, you can upload image through QMC,

          with desktop version you can simple copy files into c:\.....\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default\ directory.



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            t b

            Hi Yuri,


            I had the same problem and the documentation of Qlik Sense Desktop stated that the folder




            contains the images of the Media Library. But that's not the case with the June 2017 version of Qlik Sense Desktop and Windows 10. The folder with the images was located at:





            Toine B.