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    Load files from subfolders in one load script?

    Steve Lord

      Hi All, there was a legacy habit of saving new files into folders named for the date they were received and a current desire to see if we can pull all of those files into qlikview in an efficient way.


      So for fun, I tried just putting an * for a folder name, but I didn't expect that to work and sure enough it didn't work.  I have some hope there's maybe a 2-step and a variable type approach to move through the folders.  Hoping to avoid making a separate piece of load script for each folder or having to move all the files to a single folder.


      LOAD MemberID



      (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is '|', msq);


      Thanks in advance for any advise!


      (99% of the data exists in the database, but this would be used to either pickup the piece missing from the database or to audit the database data. Also the files were generated by someone else's automated process, so we're hopeful their internal structures are all consistent in terms of delimiters and field names etc.  We'd be able to tell which errored by the gaps in the dates though.)