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    Embed Qlik Sense - Wordpress.org on IIS Server

      Hi everyone,


      I am learning about Qlik Sense after much experience with Qlikview, and I am very excited in particular by the ability to embed Qlik Sense objects in a webpage and use the provided APIs to send data, selections, and other commands back and forth. However, I am concerned about my particular implementation.


      Our website is built in Wordpress.org, and hosted on IIS Server:

      • Will this combination prevent me displaying and fully integrating Qlik Sense objects? I know that Wordpress.com does not allow <iframe> HTML, but I don't know if this is true for Wordpress.org, and would using the <div> tag get around that?
      • Will this combination allow full communication of data and selections back and forth between Wordpress and Qlik Sense?


      I am obviously an IT novice, but I really need help figuring out what is possible. Thank you for your help!