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    Count If from Excel to Qlik

      Hi All

      I'm getting crazy how to create a bar chart, as I did in excel, directly in Qlilk.

      basically I would like to show the numbers of products in hold, for the 14 different products, day by day.

      In excel for each product I have a table counting: number of incoming and outgoing and adding the holding from previous day with the following formulas.


      [IN]=Count.If(Dataset P2&day) where P2 is one product for es.

      [OUT]=Count.If(Dataset P2&day)

      [TOT]=C1+A2-B2 --> [Holding +In -Out]

      See the attached pictures for better understanding how is the database


      Do you have any hint to create something similar in Qlik that avoid excel calculations?

      Would be useful to create master calendar to easily have a reference?


      Thanks in advance for your precious support