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    New UI to browse a folder and select files to load

      Hi All,


      I'm new to Qlik and I need to see if the following is possible using Qlik.... if so, help to script it.


      Basically I want to do the following:

      1. Create a UI in Qlik to select files from a particular to load

      2. The files / names will be used to execute a Python script which will carry out some data manipulation

      3. Python will output a .csv file

      4. Qlik will load this file & produce the BI


      I'm stuck on 1. -> I want to create a new UI that will list all the files contained in a folder and allow me to select which I want to Load.  Once I get this done, hopefully the rest will be straight forward.


      It looks like someone has done something similar but unfortunately I've only access to QV personal edition, so i'm unable to open it.  Could someone take a look & maybe share the code?




      Any tips / pointers on how to create the UI would be appreciated.