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    SAP Connector issue - Direct Update DSO

    Bertrand HERARD


      I'm trying to connect QlikView 11.2 to a DSO in SAP BW. I got that strange error

      /QTQVC/OPEN_STREAM failed after 00:00:00 Key = SQL_ERROR (ID:00 Type:E Number:001 "NameOFTHEDSO" is not defined in the ABAP Dictionary as a table, projection view, or database view).


      I manage to select data on other DSO on the same server. I've checked that the name of the DSO (or the corresponding /BIC) is OK.

      The only specific point is the DSO is in Direct Update (is it a problem ?).


      As someone already met this error ?

      Do you have any idea ?


      Best regards