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    Issue with Excel Name Range references in NPrinting - prefixes the range name with a temporary file name

    Janet Leys

      I am having an issue with using a named range in a formula in an Excel template in nprinting.


      This report was previously running without a problem, but in the last 3 weeks there is an issue with some (not all!) the formulas which refer to a named range.  The formula, in the template, I am using is



      where MonthComplete is a named range.


      When this worked the output formula was exactly the same as the template formula.  Now all the formulas in the output reports, prefix the range name with the file name e.g.

      =IFERROR((F12*'Daily report with spares_50300 Jean Francois La Rocca_08.06.2016.xlsx'!MonthComplete)+Y12+AB12,0)


      for most of the formulas this corresponds to the name of the output file, so correct data is displayed.  For some formulas, always seems to be the last total row of the report, the formula references one of the temporary nprinting files e.g.


      =IFERROR((F15*'Y:\QlikView\20 NPrinting\Output\CE Reports\20160609124800.xlsx'!MonthComplete)+Y15+AB15,0).


      This happens when I run the report via a task and when I run it in preview mode.


      Is this an nprinting bug, the version of nprinting client I am using is (SR4)?