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    Need extension objects to achieve the described functionality ?

      I am specifically looking at two viz. extensions –


      1. Straight table –


      Current QlikView straight table is great for numbers, however when it comes to bar linear gauge, it lacks even the basic features – color coding the bar color based on the row specific formula, having a stacked bar instead of a simple bar chart, having a reference line for the entire column cutting across rows, ability to show negative values in bar linear gauge, thickness of the bar as an expression specific to the row. – tableau does most of this but then fails to have mixed columns, some having numbers or color indicators and other with bars. Attaching a sample viz. created using Tableau – we want to add lots of simple text columns as well with indicators, cell background color coding etc. so it’s a like a mix of Straight table with bar linear gauge from Qlik + Tableau bars.



      2. Common dimension bar & line charts –


      QlikView doesn’t have a true trellis, however what we want is simple multiple bar graphs, placed one below the other where X axis dimension is shared across, so that from left to right all of them scroll together. Its exactly like the straight table I described above only the dimension will be on X axis.