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    Calculation Memory Increase?

    Sathish G

      Hi All,

      In my chart I am using lot of variables and if conditions. I know this will decrease the performance but its big and typical calculation. now every thing is coming correct but it takes lot of time for executing. almost that sheet loading itself it takes more than 2 min.

      it is possible to increase calculation memory of particular object?

      or any other way ?


        • Calculation Memory Increase?
          Gaurav Khare

          Hi Satish,

          Where are you performing the calculations? Is it in the script level or the on the chart expressions? well we can follow certain steps which i have tried earlier and that is commenting all those unrequired fields and performing the calculations in the script and then making the qvd. I hope this will help in somewhat reducing the time....

          • Calculation Memory Increase?
            Sathish G

            HI Gaurav,

            Thx for ur reply. But what i am looking not for script part. Because Qvd everything is optimized. In Qvd no unwanted fields.

            I need In front view (Chart Expression), I am using set analysis and some if condition also. that Condition I can't avoid. and also I am using some variables.

            I know this variables and If conditions obviously take time for executing. But I can't avoid this also.

            So any other way In that chart, Can I increase Calculation Time?????


            • Calculation Memory Increase?

              You may be able to alter the Memory allocations via 'Settings' > 'User Preferences' > 'Objects' - 'Ignore Calculation Limits' or if unchecked set your max MB for Calculated formulae.

              I would recommend doing whatever you can to streamline the calculations as much as possible however.

              Hope that helps,

              Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd