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    Campo no encontrado al usar mapping/applymap

    Joaquín Vergara


      Hello, I have a table that is loaded using mapping, the problem is that by using the fields in another table tells me that [Sum of Txs Tot Cre] was not found, what am I doing wrong?




      mapping LOAD

      [Suma de Vta Tot Cre],

        [Suma de Txs Tot Cre]

        Resident [Ventas];





      [Cat Tar Cred],

        replace([Venta Min],'.',',') as [Venta Min],

        [Venta Max],

        replace([Vale Min],'.',',') as [Vale Min],

        replace([Vale Max],'.',',') as [Vale Max],

        replace([Tasa],'.',',') as [Tasa],

          ApplyMap('Ventas2',[Suma de Txs Tot Cre]),

          sum([Suma de Txs Tot Cre]) as SumTSX2,

          ApplyMap('Ventas2',[Suma de Vta Tot Cre]),

        [Suma de Vta Tot Cre]/[Suma de Txs Tot Cre] as VarVtaTxs,

      if([Venta Min]<=SumTSX2, Tasa,'-') as Prueba00,

      if([Venta Max]<=SumTSX2, Tasa,'-') as Prueba01,

      if([Vale Min]<=VarVtaTxs, Tasa,'-') as Prueba10,

      if([Vale Max]<=VarVtaTxs, Tasa,'-') as Prueba11


      FROM [lib://Transbank/Sabana.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Tablas);

      group by [Cat Tar Cred],[Venta Min],[Venta Max],[Vale Min],[Vale Max],[Tasa],

      [Suma de Txs Tot Cre], [Suma de Vta Tot Cre];