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    QMC schedule job no last execution date, Source document no documents

    Melanie J

      Not quite sure how to explain, but here goes.


      This morning, there were jobs running like normal.  There was some failed job but not alarming so far.


      Login to:

      1)  QMC no issues.

      2)  Unable to Remote Desktop to the Production Server.  Note:  Publisher and Production are in 1 server.

      3)  Login to the Access Point, no application at the main screen.


      Thought that the Qlikview services were hanging, I wanted to stop the jobs which was running manually but unresponsive.

      So a decision was made to reboot the Production Server.


      After the reboot, I was able:

      1) Remote desktop to the server

      2)  Access Point able to view applications assigned

      3)  QMC able to sign in.


      However the QMC Status -> Task, Last Execution & Started/Scheduled was blank, Task History & Logs also didn't have any information.


      What should I check/do to find out more information.  When I check the Memory utilization graph, it was running at its max.  Job running at that hour should not impact the system as there was change in the scheduling.