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    QMC schedule job no last execution date, Source document no documents

    Melanie Jag

      Not quite sure how to explain, but here goes.


      This morning, there were jobs running like normal.  There was some failed job but not alarming so far.


      Login to:

      1)  QMC no issues.

      2)  Unable to Remote Desktop to the Production Server.  Note:  Publisher and Production are in 1 server.

      3)  Login to the Access Point, no application at the main screen.


      Thought that the Qlikview services were hanging, I wanted to stop the jobs which was running manually but unresponsive.

      So a decision was made to reboot the Production Server.


      After the reboot, I was able:

      1) Remote desktop to the server

      2)  Access Point able to view applications assigned

      3)  QMC able to sign in.


      However the QMC Status -> Task, Last Execution & Started/Scheduled was blank, Task History & Logs also didn't have any information.


      What should I check/do to find out more information.  When I check the Memory utilization graph, it was running at its max.  Job running at that hour should not impact the system as there was change in the scheduling.