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    Access data from QlikSense from a standard VB or JS script

    Gustav Gager

      Hi everyone.

      In qlikview there was a great COM-API that i could use to automate fuctions and export pictures and data from from an external source like a VB-script or in my case Autoit-script.


      Now i would like to do similar things in Qliksense. The goal is to have a script that I can run that opens a QS app, doing a few selections, export a few images, and then close down.

      Now, there are alot of diffrent APIs. I have gotten the managemnet API working (witch uses REST) but the functionality that i want to use, doesnt seem to be avilible trough REST. It seems that the API needed to do what I want is the same ones that you use for creating mashups and extentions.

      Im not interested in creating extensions or mashups, i just want to be able to automate a few things so if anyone have some sample code, that would be great.

      Any help is appritiated.