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    Include new field with subtotals/status in load script

    Hans de Vries

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a table, which includes Claim#, Date of payment and amount payed.

      I would like to add a field, which adds up all the payments for a certain claim, and puts the results as an "Amount payed upto now" in a separate field, which I would like to call "Sub". See example below. How would I go about this in the load script?

      Any help is very welcome!





      Claim#Payment dateAmountSub
      100011-6-2004€ 40,00€ 40,00
      1000315-4-2016€ 100,00€ 900,00
      1000310-4-2016€ 600,00€ 800,00
      100031-4-2016€ 200,00€ 200,00
      1000611-5-2016€ 500,00€ 10.500,00
      100061-5-2016€ 10.000,00€ 10.000,00